Advantages Of Outdoor Mobile Billboard Advertising


Advans and Mobile Billboards out-perform other advertising mediums for a vast variety of reasons.

Unavoidable: Mobile Billboard Advertising is unavoidable. Unlike TV and radio, the channel cannot be changed. Unlike print out advertisements, mobile billboards can't be crumpled up and thown away. The viewer cannot avoid these mobile ads.

Mobility: Mobile billboard advertising can be placed anywhere, allowing you to target people in the right areas with the most impact. For example, mobile truck advertising can be driven along the motorway at the same time every day grabbing the attention of the same commuters again and again. The message will eventually sink in.     

Low Cost: No other form of advertising can reach as many people at such a low cost per thousand with as big an impact as mobile billboard advertising. 

No Competition: Mobile billboard advertising allow you to place your advertisements in areas with no other competitors making sure that its your message receiving the most attention. 

Regular updates: A mobile billboard ad can be changed and improved on a regular basis cheaply and efficiently, thus preventing bordem. 

Brand recognition: Mobile billboards scare your competitors and influence potential customers into believing that your brand is bigger and better. 

Eye catching: An eye catching design forces people to view and read your advertisement fully especially when it is positioned on a passing mobile billboard truck.

Trackability: GPS tracking allows you to to view tracking reports of exactly where our mobile billboards have been giving you the freedom of mind in knowing that your ads are placed where you expect.

Unique: Mobile billboards are a unique advertising solution eliminating distraction from other advertisements. This makes sure your advertisement is noticed and stands out.


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